2017 CARE Awards Categories

We are no longer accepting entries.

However, co-entries are being accepted through September 15th. Click here to download Co-Entry Form.

Co-Entrants must receive Co-Entrant entry form from the Primary Entrant after Primary Entrant has entered. Co-Entrant entry forms are sent to the Primary Entrant along with entry receipt. Co-Entrants submitted by September 15th are eligible to be recognized at the Gala.

Judges have sole discretion. Entrants may enter same project in more than one category, but must apply for a separate entry for each category. Entry categories are below:


Category Name Description/Subcategory
Kitchen Remodel* Basic (under $50,000)
Standard ($50,000- $100,000)
Luxury ( Over $100,000)
Bathroom Remodel* Basic (under $25,000)
Standard ($25,000- $50,000)
Luxury (over $50,000)
Basement Remodel* Basic (under $50,000)
Standard ($50,000- $100,000)
Luxury (Over $100,000)
Addition On Grade or Poptops
55+/ Universal Design Remodel Special needs, aging in place, etc.
Detached Structure Garage, pool house, playhouse, etc.
Storage Solutions Closets, garage storage solutions, built-ins, attics, out of the box/creative ideas
Specialty Rooms Theater, wine cellar, etc.
Details Section of a remodeling project deserving special attention, such as: windows, specialty doors, stairways, millwork, overcoming a unique obstacle with a detail, recovering otherwise unused space.
Insurance Restoration Return fire or flood damaged home to like-new condition.
Interior Remodel/Design Reworking interior spaces without adding additional square footage. Often combining spaces or changing the use of spaces.
Exterior Remodel Major impact on exterior appearance with or without additional square footage, such as: adding a porch roof, adding dormers, structural changes.
Exterior Facelift Exterior changes to structure involving color or materials. No changes to square footage. Example: new siding, windows, aesthetics only.
Commercial Remodel Tenant finish, showroom displays, offices, etc.
Historic Remodel Sensitive remodeling to vintage pre-1940’s home, retaining original design elements while updating or restoring, sensitive to the homes original structure/aesthetic.
Landscape Remodel Landscape or Hardscape
Pro Bono Community service, projects done at no cost to the recipient or non-profit.
Infill Replacement housing that is sensitive to the existing neighborhood fabric. Blends contextually to its surroundings with both scale andn desgin style(s).
Whole House Remodel* Renovations affecting over 50% of the home, usually involving additions and remodeled both inside & out.
Under $250,000
$500,000- $1 Million
$1 Million +
*Please Note:  Categories with multiple budget levels will be placed in appropriate subcategory by CARE Awards Judging team.

The following awards will only be awarded to HBA Members, and are chosen by the judges or committee members. Entrants cannot submit for these categories:


Architectural Design By Judges: A remodeling design that awes and inpires.
Best use of Color By Judges: A remodel design that uses color as a main element/ feature to create an impactful statement.
Most Creative Materials By Judges: A remodel that features a new or creative use of a material in a way other than its originally-designed use or intention.
Project of the Year By Judges: A Remodeling project that inspires and exemplifies the best of all projects submitted to the Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence for the judging year.
Associate of the Year By Committee nomination only: An Associate HBA Member who has shown dedication and exemplary involvment throughout the year.
Remodeler of the Year By Committee nomination only: A Builder/Remodeler HBA Member who has shown dedication and exemplary involvment throughout the year.
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