Entry Instructions


August 10, 2018 — Midnight is the extended, LAST CALL DEADLINE for receipt of completed entry submittals. Entries received after deadline will not be judged nor will entry fees be refunded. 


  • Entrant fills out their entry and payment information
  • After the information is submitted, it is automatically stored within a database and an alert is sent to the entrant with the entry serial numbers, submittal process and receipt.


Your assigned entry number must appear on all materials. All entry materials must be labeled with the assigned entry number – Example: 01-1005

Digital images saved at 300 dpi – sized to at 1800 pixels wide – saved at 300 dpi JPEG format ONLY. All plans should be saved as high resolution PDF – 8 ½” x 11”. Images should be named with your Category number, entry serial and sequence number or description.

01-1005_2.jpg (thru 8 images)
01-1005_teamform.doc OR .pdf

Your entry materials are due by August 10, 2018.

Materials for all entries include:
• Team/Project Information Form
• Photo Release Form
• Digital Files — site plan, floor plan, and photo images required.


We suggest you submit your entry materials via file sharing services.
FTP, Dropbox, or Hightail are all acceptable methods – send link for download to entries@teampmp.com

If you have any questions during the process please feel free to contact our offices

Lisa Parrish | Administrator CARE Awards
909-987-2758 or 800-658-2751


Entrant fills out their entry and payment information. After the information is submitted, it is automatically stored within a secure database and an alert is sent to the entrant with the entry serial numbers, submittal process and receipt.

For tips and information on putting together a winning entry, plan to attend CARE University on June 20th 11:00am to 1:30pm at the HBA offices. To view a video of Tips & Tricks from this past presentation, visit  www.hbadenver.com/howtowincare.  For handout materials from this presentation including SAMPLE ENTRIES, Click here to download.

The following information and accompanying materials will be reviewed as part of the judging process. Provide all applicable information and submit them named/numbered in the order to be viewed by judges.

  • Team/Project Information Form – Please fill out completely, Note: List all participants in the project, although only paid Primary Entrants and Co-Entrants* will be recognized at the awards ceremony and subsequent publicity. It is important that ALL Team members have valid email addresses. Includes Project statement of no more than 500 words.
  • Photography – To help the judges determine structural and aesthetic changes, please submit interior and exterior (if applicable) photographs that depict the scope and nature of the project, up to 4 before images and up to 8 after images total (except whole house projects, where up to 20 images are allowed). You MUST have at least one “before” photo.
  • Plans and Drawings – Before and after floor plans, elevations or other drawings sufficient to illustrate the scope of the projects must be submitted with each entry. Floor plans should be presentation-style and labeled with room names. Plans and drawings must not exceed 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Saved as PDF
  • Confidentiality – To ensure fair and impartial judging, company and/or individual names must not appear in any photograph or any other entry materials to be judged.  Company and/or individual names must appear on the Team/Project Information sheet that will not be seen by the judges.  Use your assigned entry serial number plus serial or description to name all of your entry materials. IMPORTANT! – It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that names/logos of companies or entrants are NOT SHOWN on floorplans, photos or the project statement (judging materials).  Failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification.

*Co-Entrants must receive Co-Entrant entry form from the Primary Entrant after Primary Entrant has entered.  Co-Entrant entry forms are sent to the Primary Entrant along with entry receipt.

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